Novel Zero-Current Switching Current-Fed Half-Bridge Isolated Dc/Dc Converter for Fuel Cell Based Applications Best Electrical Engineering Projects


This paper presents a novel zero-current switching (ZCS) current-fed half-bridge isolated dc/dc converter. It is a potential topology for front-end dc/dc power conversion for fuel cell inverters. This proposed converter is unique, not reported in literature and provides a simple solution to switch turn-off problem with ZCS without increase in components count. This will lead to reduced size, lower cost and higher efficiency. Analysis, design and simulation results of the proposed converter are reported in this paper. A comparison with existing active-clamped ZVS current-fed half-bridge converter has been illustrated.



  1. Zero-current switching
  2. Dc/Dc converter
  3. Current-fed
  4. Fuel cells
  5. High efficiency





Fig. 1. Conventional hard-switched current-fed half-bridge dc/dc converter

Fig. 2 Active-clamped ZVS current-fed half-bridge dc/dc converter


Fig. 3. Proposed ZCS current-fed half-bridge dc/dc converter.




Fig. 4. Zero-current switching of primary-side switches. The ripple frequency of input current Iin is 200 kHz, which

is same twice the switching frequency fs. The transformer

Fig. 5. Zero-current turn-on of primary-side switches. V(S1) is voltage across switch S1 and I(S1) is current through switch S1. The current waveform is scaled for clarity.

Fig. 6. Current-waveforms through the secondary-side switches.

Fig. 7. Zero-current turn-on of secondary-side switches. V(Sr1) is voltage across switch Sr1 and I(Sr1) is current through switch S\r1. The current waveform is scaled for clarity.

Fig. 8. Current waveforms through input inductors L1 and L2.

Fig. 9. . Input current (Iin) and transformer current I(Ls) waveforms.




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