Voltage Sag Enhancement of Grid Connected Hybrid PV-Wind Power System Using Battery and SMES Based Dynamic Voltage Restorer


Renewable energy sources; which are abundant in nature and climate friendly are the only preferable choice of the world to provide green energy. The limitation of most renewable energy sources specifically wind and solar PV is its intermittent nature which are depend on wind speed and solar irradiance respectively and this leads to power fluctuations. To compensate and protect sensitive loads from being affected by the power distribution side fluctuations and faults, dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) is commonly used. This research work attempts to withstand and secure the effect of voltage fluctuation of grid connected hybrid PV-wind power system. To do so battery and super magnetic energy storage (SMES) based DVR is used as a compensating device in case of voltage sag condition. The compensation method used is a pre-sag compensation which locks the instantaneous real time three phase voltage magnitude and angle in normal condition at the point of common coupling (PCC) and stores independently so that during a disturbance it used for compensation. Symmetrical and asymmetrical voltage sags scenario are considered and compensation is carried out using Power System Computer Aided Design or Electro Magnetic Transient Design and Control (PSCAD/EMTDC) software.

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