A Two-Level 24-Pulse Voltage Source Converter with Fundamental Frequency Switching for HVDC System


This paper manages the execution investigation of a two-level, 24-beat Voltage Source Converters (VSCs) for High Voltage DC (HVDC) framework for power quality enhancement. A two dimension VSC is utilized to understand a 24-beat converter with least exchanging misfortune by working it at fundamental recurrence exchanging (FFS).


The execution of this converter is contemplated on different issues, for example, consistent state activity, dynamic conduct, responsive power pay, control factor amendment, and sounds mutilation. Reproduction results are exhibited for a two dimension 24-beat converter to show its ability.



 Fig. 1 A 24-Pulse voltage source converter based HVDC system Configuration



Fig. 2 Synthesis of Stepped AC voltage waveform of 24-pulse VSC.


Fig. 3 Steady state performance of proposed 24-pulse voltage source Converter


Fig. 4 Dynamic performance of proposed 24-pulse voltage source converter


Fig. 5 Waveforms and harmonic spectra of 24-pulse covnerter i) supply voltage ii) supply current (iii) converter voltage


A two dimension, 24-beat voltage source converter has been structured and its execution has been approved for HVDC framework to enhance the power quality with major recurrence exchanging. Four indistinguishable transformers have been utilized for stage move and to understand a 24-beat converter alongside control conspire utilizing a two dimension voltage source converter topology.


The enduring state and dynamic execution of the planned converter setup has been exhibited the very attractive task and found appropriate for HVDC framework. The trademark sounds of the converter framework has likewise enhanced by the proposed converter design with least exchanging misfortunes without utilizing additional sifting necessities contrasted with the ordinary 12-beat thyristor converter.

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