Analysis and Design of Three-Level, 24-Pulse Double Bridge Voltage Source Converter Based HVDC System for Active and Reactive Power Control


This paper control the search, plan and control of a three-level 24-beat Voltage Source Converter (VSC) based High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) framework. A three dimension VSC active at basic frequency exchanging (FFS) is proposed with 24-pulse VSC structure to improve the power quality and decrease the converter exchanging disaster for high power applications.

The structure of three-level VSC converter and plan  parameters, for example, air conditioning inductor and dc capacitor is presented for the proposed VSC based HVDC plan. It comprises of two converter stations encouraged from two diverse air conditioning plan. The dynamic power is replaced between the stations in any case.


Voltage Source Converter The ready power is freely controlled in every converter station. The three-level VSC is worked at advanced dead edge (β). A planned control estimation for both the rectifier and an inverter stations for bidirectional dynamic power stream is created weak on FFS and neighborhood responsive power age.

This outcomes in a serious decrease in exchanging disaster and maintaining a important distance from the responsive power plant. Recreation is conveyed to confirm the execution of the proposed control calculation of the VSC based HVDC plan for bidirectional dynamic power stream and their autonomous ready power control.



Fig. 1 Three-level 24-pulse double bridge VSC based HVDC system



Fig. 2a Performance of rectifier station during reactive power control of three level 24-pulse VSC HVDC system


Fig. 2b Performance of Inverter station during reactive power control at rectifier station of three-level 24 pulse VSC HVDC system


Fig. 2c Variation of (δ) and (α) values for rectifier and inverter Stations for reactive power variation of a three-level 24-pulse VSC HVDC system


Fig. 3a Rectifier station during active power reversal of three-level 24-pulse VSC HVDC system


Fig. 3b Inverter station during active power reversal of three-level 24-pulse VSC HVDC system


Fig. 3c Variation of (δ) and (α) values during active power reversal of three level 24-pulse VSC HVDC system.


Another three-level, 24-beat voltage source converter based HVDC plan working at important frequency trade has been planned and its model has been produced and it is efficiently tried for the autonomous control of dynamic and ready forces and suitable dimension consonant condition. The responsive power has been controlled free of the dynamic power at the two conditions.


Voltage Source Converter The converter has been efficiently worked in each of the four quadrants of dynamic and responsive forces with the proposed control. The inversion of the dynamic power flow has been make real by switching the course of dc current without changing the limit of dc voltage which is unusuallly troublesome in traditional HVDC plan.


The power nature of the HVDC plan has additionally improve with three-level 24-beat converter task. The symphonious execution of this three-level, 24-beat VSC has been seen to an equal to two-level 48-beat voltage source converter.

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