Solar Photovoltaic Array Fed Luo Converter Based BLDC Motor Driven Water Pumping System


This paper deals with the solar photovoltaic (SPV) array fed water- pumping system using a Luo converter as an intermediate DC-DC converter and a permanent magnet brushless DC (BLDC) motor to drive a centrifugal water pump. Among the different types of DC-DC converters, an elementary Luo converter is selected in order to extract the maximum power available from the SPV array and for safe starting of BLDC motor. The elementary Luo converter with reduced components and single semiconductor switch has basic features of reducing the ripples in its output current and possessing a unlimited region for maximum power point tracking (MPPT).

bldc motor

The electronically changed BLDC motor is used with a voltage source inverter (VSI) operated at fundamental frequency switching so avoiding the high frequency switching losses resulting in a high efficiency of the system. The SPV array is designed such that the power at rated DC voltage is supplied to the BLDC motor-pump under standard test condition and maximum switch utilization of Luo converter is obtain which results in efficiency improvement of the converter. Performances at various operating conditions such as starting, dynamic and steady state behavior are consider and suitability of the proposed system is demonstrated using MATLAB/Simulink based simulation results.


  1. SPV array
  2. Luo converter
  3. BLDC motor
  4. Centrifugal water pump
  5. MPPT
  6. Switch utilization



Fig. 1 Configuration of proposed SPV array-Luo converter fed BLDC motor drive for water pumping system.



Fig. 2 Performances of SPV array of the proposed SPV array-Luo converter

fed BLDC motor drive for water pumping system.

Fig. 3 Performances of Luo converter of the proposed SPV array-Luo

converter fed BLDC motor drive for water pumping system.

Fig. 4 Performances of BLDC motor-pump of the proposed SPV array-Luo

converter fed BLDC motor drive for water pumping system.


A solar photovoltaic array fed Luo converter based BLDC motor has been proposed to drive water-pumping system. The proposed system has been designed, modeled and simulated using MATLAB along with its Simulink and sim-power system toolboxes. Simulated results have demonstrated the suitability of proposed water pumping system. SPV array has been properly sized such that system performance is not influenced by the variation in atmospheric conditions and the associated losses and maximum switch utilization of Luo converter is achieved.

Luo converter

Luo converter has been operated in CCM in order to reduce the stress on power devices. Operating the VSI in 120° conduction mode with fundamental frequency switching eliminates the losses caused by high frequency switching operation. Stable operation of motor pump system and safe starting of BLDC motor are other important features of the proposed system.


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