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SMART grid is proposed to improve the efficiency and reliability of existing power grids by adding automated monitoring, communication, self-diagnosis, and demand-response capabilities. Technically, the smart grid can be divided into smart infrastructure, smart management, and smart protection systems. The smart infrastructure which supports bidirectional flow of electricity and information is further subdivided into smart energy, information, and communication subsystems. The smart energy subsystem takes care of advanced electricity generation and delivery, whereas the smart information subsystem involves advanced metering, monitoring and management. The smart communication subsystem facilitates information exchanges among systems, devices, and applications. We focus on the smart communication subsystem that is used to support the smart information subsystem for distribution networks. Wireless technology is promising for this application as it is relatively easy to install, and also supports high-rate data transmissions, e.g., up to 100 Mbps in a range of 50 km with the IEEE 802.16 protocol. Hence it is expected that the last mile of the communication subsystem, e.g., the communication between smart meters and controllers, will often be wireless in nature.

Smart Grid Projects

Smart Grid Projects

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