Single Phase Bidirectional H6 Rectifier/Inverter


Transformer-less photovoltaic (PV) inverters are more widely adopted due to high efficiency, low cost and light weight, etc. However, H5, HERIC, etc. transformer-less PV inverters do not have the bidirectional capability for solar energy storage system in the future. With topology derivation history reviewed from rectifier to inverter, the essence of bidirectional rectifier/inverter is revealed to find a reverse power flow approach. Therefore, this paper proposes an advanced bidirectional technique for a selected H6 inverter topology with only modulation strategy modified, while the others remain the same. For the H6 circuitry in both rectifier and inverter modes, excellent three level DM voltage feature is achieved, while leakage current issue is eliminated at the same time with improved modulation method. Simulations and experimental results verify the proposed single phase bidirectional H6 rectifier/inverter technique.

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