Simulation of a Space Vector PWM Controller for a Three-Level Voltage-Fed Inverter Motor Drive Simulation Projects


Multilevel voltage-fed inverters with space vector pulse width modulation method are gained importance in high power high work industrial drive use. This paper planned a new simplified space vector PWM method for a three-level inverter fed induction motor drive.


The three- level inverter has a large number of switching states compared to a two-level inverter.In the planned scheme, three-level space vector PWM inverter is easily achieve as conventional two-level space vector PWM inverter. Therefore, the planned method can also be applied to multilevel inverters.


In this work, a three-level inverter using space vector modulation method has been modeled and simulated.Simulation results are given for various operation conditions using R-L load and motor load to verify the system model.


  1. Space vector PWM
  2. Three-level inverters
  3. Multilevel inverters





Fig.1 Three level multilevel inverter using cascaded inverters with separated DC sources



Fig.2 The line output voltage waveform for fo=10Hz and m=0.65


Fig.3 Three-phase line output current waveforms for fo=10Hz and m=0.65


Fig.4 The line output voltage waveform and its spectrum for fo=10Hz and m=0.65.


Fig.5 The line output voltage waveform for fo=50Hz and m=0.7


The space vector PWM algorithm for a three level voltage-fed inverter using cascaded H-bridges inverter has been modeled and simulated using Simulink/MATLAB package program. Simulation results have been given for both R-L and induction motor loads using 1 kHz switching density with various output density.


The planned control algorithm used in the three-level inverter can be easily applied to multilevel inverters with more than three levels. It has been shown that high quality waveforms at the output of the multilevel inverter can be get even with 1 kHz of low switching density.


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