Simulation of Power Active Filter using Instantaneous Reactive Power Theory Best Electrical Engineering Projects


 The paper presents the structure of an active parallel filter for reducing harmonic pollution and reactive power. The active power filter control is based on instantaneous reactive power theory. The authors present the modelling of parallel active filter based on this theory and the simulation results in MATLAB-SIMULINK. The method is based on instantaneous reactive power (TPRI_P).


  1. Distorting regime
  2. Harmonic pollution
  3. Power active filter
  4. Reactive power
  5. Simulation



Figure 1. Parallel active filter


Figure 2. The unfiltered current and the current filtered on phase “a”

Figure 3. The active and reactive powers

Figure 4. Current harmonics with three-phase load

Figure 5. Current harmonics with both loads


We considered three-phase system with the balanced voltages and presented the conventional method for determining the current value based on the instantaneous active power which was called TPRI_P. The control is made in the system of axes α – β, which use direct and inverse transformation to obtain the equations from one system to another coordinate axes. The currents obtained in the α-β are related to the alternating current power on the network to obtain the compensation current based on current knowledge of the load, in contrast to the conventional method (TPRI_Q) to obtain the controlled values of currents directly. As can be seen in calculations involved only active powers, perfectly measurable.

Also is observed that:

  • It produces an increase of the current THD network in the case of the system constant

instantaneous power of the energy source.

  • Is observed a small fluctuation by active power and reactive power of network in the system

constant instantaneous power of the energy source.

  • Regarding the homopolar power, network evolution is similar in both cases.


 * * Software Matlab 6.5.

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