Simulation of Distributed Power Flow Controller for Voltage Sag Compensation Latest Electrical projects


In this paper, we introduced a new series-shunt type FACTS controller called as distributed power flow controller to improve and maintain the power quality of an electrical power system. This DPFC method is same as the UPFC used to compensate the voltage sag and the current swell these are voltage based power quality problems. As compared to UPFC the common dc link capacitor is removed and three individual single phase converters are used instead of a three phase series converter. Series referral voltages, branch currents are used in this paper for designing control circuit. The evaluated values are obtained by using MATLAB/SIMULINK.


  1. DPFC
  2. Power Quality
  3. Voltage Sag
  4. Voltage Swell



Figure 1. Schematic diagram for DPFC.



 Figure 2. Output voltage during fault condition.

Figure 3. Output current during fault condition.

Figure 4. Output voltage compensated by DPFC controller.

Figure 5. Compensated output current by DPFC controller.

Figure 6. Active and reactive power.

Figure 7. THD value of system output voltage without DPFC.

Figure 8. THD value of DPFC (pi controller) load voltage.

Figure 9. THD value of fuzzy controller output voltage.


In this paper we implemented a concept to controlling the power quality issues i.e DPFC. The proposed theory of this device is mathematical formulation and analysis of voltage dips and their mitigations for a three phase source with linear load. In this paper we also proposed a concept of fuzzy logic controller for better controlling action. As compared to all other facts devices the DPFC based Fuzzy has effectively control all power quality problems and with this technique we get the THD as 3.65% and finally the simulation results are shown above.


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