shunt active power filter projects

shunt active power filter projects

Shunt Active Power Filter(APF) is a device that is connected in parallel to group of loads. APF cancels the reactive and harmonic currents drawn by the load so as to make supply current sinusoidal. Active Power Filter play a vital role in present day liberalized energy market.

shunt Active Power Filter are explored for executing different power conditioning function simultaneously along with harmonic elimination due to increase in nonlinear and unbalanced load, at the point of common coupling.

shunt active power filter The aim of present dissertation is to study different control strategies for Active Power Filter. More importantly to study instantaneous power theory based Shunt Active Power Filter which is predominantly used in present scenario.

shunt active power filter is investigated through Matlab/Simulink simulation under different load conditions. Simulation results are discussed in depth. Then the design issues of Active Power Filter for different load conditions are also discussed.

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