MATLAB-Simulink Model Based Shunt Active Power Filter Using Fuzzy Logic Controller to Minimize the Harmonics


The issue of value electrical vitality gave to the clients has emerged. This is because of the expanding nearness in system of nonlinear loads.They establish a consonant contamination wellspring of the system, which produce numerous aggravations, and exasperate the ideal task of electrical types of gear. This work, proposed an answer for take out the sounds presented by the nonlinear burdens. It displays the investigation and reenactment utilizing Matlab Simulink of a active power filter (APF) repaying the sounds and receptive power made by nonlinear loads in unfaltering and in drifters. The convenience of the reenactment way to deal with APF is shown , have a superior power quality knowledge utilizing Matlab Simulink so as to grow new fuzzy logic controller based dynamic power channel.



Figure 1 Block diagram of Basic Active Power Filter



 Fig. 2 Three phase voltage and current waveform with non linear load

 Fig.3 THD analysis of three phase voltage waveform with nonlinear load

 Fig.4 Three phase voltages and current waveform with shunt active power filter with connected fuzzy logic controller

 Fig.5 THD analysis of voltages with shunt active power filter using fuzzy logic controller



The paper exhibits the utilization of the fuzzy logic controller to control the repaying voltage. The Mamdani max-min approach is utilized for the fluffy induction and the defuzzification technique, separately. The structure of info and yield enrollment for the fluffy rationale controller is essential for the framework execution. The reproduction results demonstrate that the fuzzy logic controller gives a decent execution to control the remunerating voltage of shunt dynamic power channel. The %THD of the voltages at PCC point can be pursued the IEEE Std. 519-1992.


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