Real time implementation of unity power factor correction converter based on fuzzy logic Latest Electrical projects


In this paper an analysis and real time implementation of unity power factor correction converter (PFC) based on fuzzy logic controller is studied. A single phase AC–DC boost converter is completed to replace the conventional diode bridge rectifier.


Fuzzy logic and hysteresis control techniques is realize to improve the work of the boost converter. The fuzzy controller is used to DC voltage loop circuit to get better work. The current loop is being reserved by using a PI, and hysteresis controllers. The robustness of the controller is verified via MATLAB/Simulink


the results show that the fuzzy controller gives well controller. An experiment test is realize via a test bench based on dSPACE 1103. The experimental results show that the planned controller improve the work of the converter under different limit variations.


  1. Power factor correction (PFC)
  2. PLL
  3. Fuzzy logic controller (FLC)
  4. Hysteresis controller
  5. DSPACE 1103


 Circuit Diagram:


Fig. 1. Single phase PFC boost converter control system

Expected Simulation Results


Fig.2. Diode Bridge input current


 Fig.3. Line Current and its harmonic spectrum using the fuzzy controller for DC bus


Fig.4. DC bus voltage based on fuzzy controller


Fig.5. PFC input current


 In this paper, a single-phase PFC converter DC voltage loop has been analysed. The fuzzy logic controller method is realize to improve the work of the PFC converter, it is robust and capable. Matlab/Simulink has been used to simulate the planned method with successful result


the dSPACE 1103 have been used to realize the fuzzy controller in real-time.Simulation results have been given and confirmed by the real time tests; in the same time, high efficiency is get. The proposed controller applied to the unity power factor give better results, a reduced harmonic distortion, and robustness control during limit variations.


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