Reactive Power Compensation using Induction Motor driven by Nine Switch AC-DC-AC Converter


Induction Motors (IM) utilized for different mechanical applications work with slacking power factor. Electrical circulation office demands high power factor task and it gives motivating forces on working a framework closer to solidarity. This paper introduces a novel receptive power remuneration utilizing IM driven by nine switch AC-DC-AC converter for high power factor task at the purpose of regular coupling (PCC). The nine switch converter (NSC) with driving force factor task conveys receptive capacity to the PCC. Hence, responsive power required for another heap at PCC is redressed.


Changed sinusoidal pulse width adjustment (SPWM) is produced for NSC to work the dynamic front end rectifier and an inverter at the same time to encourage three-stage IM. A shut circle relative vital (PI) control method is created to accomplish wanted VAR pay. According to the required VAR pay, front end rectifier voltage is altered. This is accomplished by stage moving of front end rectifier tweak reference by an edge _ concerning utility stage voltage. The PCC stage voltage is persistently detected to follow quick stage point _ utilizing synchronous reference outline stage bolt circle (SRFPLL).


The examination of VAR compensator is introduced in the d-q reference outline. The proposed framework is mimicked in MATLAB for VAR remuneration at PCC with 5.4 hp enlistment engine drive to test the execution of VAR control circle. To approve the practicality of the proposed framework a trial model is produced with 1 hp acceptance engine drive. Entryway beats are created utilizing advanced flag controller (DSC) dsPIC33EP256MU810. The reenactment and exploratory outcomes demonstrated the attainability of the proposed VAR remuneration framework.



Fig. 1. IM driven by NSC arrangement


EXPECTED RESULTS:  Fig. 2 Effect of a step change in QREF

Fig. 3. VAR compensation under change in loading condition

Fig. 4 Waveforms of RL load phase voltage-phase current, IM driven by NSC phase voltage and phase current, Utility phase voltage and phase current


In this paper, an IM driven by NSC for utility receptive power pay is introduced. The utility is worked at solidarity just as at driving force factor with IM drive. Required responsive power at PCC is repaid by working IM driven by NSC at driving force factor. To accomplish receptive power remuneration, altered SPWM method is produced and actualized in DSC for the age of the door beats for NSC.


Numerical conditions are inferred to consider the connection between dc interface voltage and load current regarding point. The activity and examination of the proposed VAR compensator are introduced in the d-q reference outline. The examination is checked utilizing recreation under slacking, solidarity and driving force factor of the utility stage current. The proposed shut circle strategy is actualized continuously setup. Test results under powerful reaction demonstrated the practicability of the proposed VAR pay framework.


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