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The current electric grid is an inefficient system that wastes significant amounts of the electricity it produces because there is a disconnect between the amount of energy consumers require and the amount of energy produced from generation sources. Power plants typically produce more power than necessary to ensure adequate power quality. By taking advantage of energy storage within the grid, many of these inefficiencies can be removed. When using battery energy storage systems (BESS) for grid storage, advanced modeling is required to accurately monitor and control the storage system. A battery management system (BMS) controls how the storage system will be used and a BMS that utilizes advanced physics-based models will offer for much more robust operation of the storage system.

BESSs (Battery Energy Storage Systems) require a battery management system (BMS) to monitor and maintain safe, optimal operation of each battery pack and a system supervisory control (SSC) to monitor the full system. Batteries are dynamic in nature, constantly operating outside the equilibrium state during cycling. In addition, the situation worsens for the case of intercalation-based storage systems (e.g., Li chemistry) which operate as a closed system with very few measurable state variables, making it difficult to properly monitor the states of the battery and maintain safe operation. Furthermore, even under normal operation the battery packs of a BESS will degrade during cycling. This degradation can be accelerated by extreme charging patterns, increased temperature (both ambient and operating), overcharging, or undercharging. A basic BMS controls battery packs only to meet the power demand. However, smarter model-based BMSs can reduce the causes of degradation and improve the performance of the system. Predictive and adaptive BMSs based on models are especially important for large battery packs for applications such as electric vehicles and grid integration.

Battery Energy Storage Systems Projects

battery energy storage systems projects

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