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An electric power system is a system of electrical machinery deployed to contribute, transfer, and use electric power. The grid is an example of an electric power system that supplies power to an extensive area. An electrical grid power system is broadly classified into the generators that provide the power. the transmission system that transfers the power from the generating centres to the load centres, and the distribution system that transmits the energy to nearby homes and industries. Smaller power systems are also found in industry, hospitals, commercial buildings and homes. The greater part of these systems depends upon three-phase AC power. It is the standard for large-scale power transmission and distribution across the modern world. Specialised power systems that do not always rely upon three-phase AC power are found in aircraft, electric rail systems, ocean liners and automobiles.

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Electric power systems are comprised of components that produce electrical energy and transmit this energy to consumers. A modern electric power system has mainly six main components:

1) power plants which generate electric power,

2) transformers which raise or lower the voltages as needed,

3) transmission lines to carry power,

4) substations at which the voltage is stepped down for carrying power over the distribution lines,

5) distribution lines, and

6) distribution transformers which lower the voltage to the level needed for the consumer equipment.

The production and transmission of electricity is relatively efficient and inexpensive, although unlike other forms of energy. electricity is not easily stored, and thus, must be produced based on the demand.

Power Systems

power systems






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