Power System Stability and Control Projects

Power System Stability and Control Projects List

Now a day the demand for electricity is growing phenomenally specially in developing country like India. This constant demand is resulting in limited operation of power system. The necessity for consistent, stable and class power is on the rise because of electric power susceptible industries like information technology (IT), communication, electronics etc. In this situation, the production of quality and stable power to the consumers is the key role for the power system engineers apart from meeting the electric power demand. These issues emphasize the need of understanding the power system stability. “Power system stability is the capability of an electric power system, for a certain initial operating state. To regain a condition of operating equilibrium after being subjected to a physical disorder, with the majority of the system variables enclosed so that nearly the entire system remains together”. The disturbances detailed in the definition might be faults, load changes, generator outages, line outages, voltage collapse or some combination of these. Power system stability can be roughly classified into rotor angle, voltage and frequency stability. Each of these three st abilities is further divided into large disturbance or small disturbance, short term or long term.

Voltage stability
“It is the system’s ability to sustain steady state voltages at every system bus when applied a disturbance. At large disturbance it is called as large-disturbance voltage stability and at small disturbance it is called as small-disturbance voltage stability”. Voltage stability can also be a long term phenomenon unlike angle stability. If voltage fluctuations arise due to quick acting devices similar to induction motors, power electronic drive, HVDC etc. Then the time frame for assessing the stability would be in the range of 10-20 s, hence called as short term phenomenon. Alternatively if voltage variations are due to sluggish change in load, more loading of lines, generators beating reactive power limits.  tap shifting transformers etc then time frame for voltage stability can extend from 1 minute to several minutes. The main disparity between voltage stability and angle stability depends on the balance of reactive power demand and generation in the system. where as the angle stability mainly depends on the balance between real power generation and demand.

Power System Stability and Control projects

Power system stability and control

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