Power Conditioning in Distribution Systems Using ANN Controlled Shunt Hybrid Active Power Filter Academic Projects in Electrical

2014 IEEE

ABSTRACT: This paper focuses on an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) controller based Shunt Hybrid Active Power Filter (SHAPF) for compensating the harmonics of the distribution system. To enhance the performance of the conventional controller (Hysteresis controller) and to take advantage of intelligent controllers, a back propagation algorithm based feed forward-type ANN technique is implemented in shunt active power filter for producing the controlled pulses required for IGBT inverter. The proposed approach mainly work on the principle of energy stored by capacitor to maintain the DC link voltage of a shunt connected filter and thus reduces the transient response time when there is abrupt variation in the load. The complete power system set model of the proposed filter technique has been developed in MATLAB. The control algorithm developed is very simple. Simulations are carried out for the proposed scheme by using MATLAB, it is noticed that the %THD is reduced to 2.27% from 29.71% by ANN controlled filter. The simulated experimental results also show that the novel control method is not only easy to be computed and implemented, but also very successful in reducing harmonics.



  1. Shunt Hybrid Active Power Filter
  2. Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
  3. Neural Network Controller
  4. Back propagation algorithm
  5. Distribution System.




shunt active power filter

Fig 1. Configuration of Shunt Active Power Filter



Fig.2. Wave forms of load current and source current of uncompensated system

Fig.3. FFT analysis of source current


Fig.4. Simulation results of Shunt Hybrid Active Filter with ANN Controller’


Fig.5. FFT analysis of source current with ANN controller



In this paper, a detailed analysis of Shunt Hybrid Active Power Filter with ANN controller has been proposed to mitigate harmonics of the three phase distribution system. The obtained results show the simplicity and the effectiveness of the proposed intelligent controller under nonlinear load conditions. From the results, it can be observed that the current total harmonic distortion reduces better with ANN controlled active filter. The simulation and experimental results also show that the new control method is not only easy to be calculated and implemented, but also very effective in reducing harmonics.



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