Performance Investigation of Dynamic Voltage Restorer using PI and Fuzzy Controller


This paper researches the execution of Dynamic Voltage Restorer for repaying distinctive voltage droop levels with different flaws and to lessen the Total Harmonic Distortion amid the alleviation procedure. The DVR is actualized with three stage voltage source inverter and is associated at the purpose of normal coupling so as to direct the heap side voltage. The pay depends on PI and Mamdani Fuzzy Controller. Broad reproduction examines under various size of hang for flaws on load side for adjusted and lopsided conditions are directed utilizing shortcoming generator. Reenactment result investigation uncovers that DVR performs consummately with PI and Fuzzy control approach. What’s more, ability and execution of DVR for different vitality stockpiling limits and infusion transformer rating are additionally broke down. The execution of these controllers is approved with recreation results utilizing Matlab/Simulink.



Fig. 1. Block Diagram of DVR model



Fig.2 Unbalanced three-phase to ground fault (PI CONTROL)

Figure 3. Unbalanced three-phase to ground fault (FLC)

Fig.4 Single-line-to-ground fault with 50% sag (PI Control)

Fig.5 Single-line-to-ground fault with 50% sag (FLC)

Fig.6 Balanced three-phase fault with 50% sag (PI CONTROL)

Fig.7 Balanced three-phase fault with 50% sag (FLC)

Fig.8 Three Phase fault with nearly 100% sag (PI)

Fig.9 Three Phase fault with nearly 100% sag (FLC)



The DVR handles both adjusted and uneven conditions viably and infuses the digressed voltage part under supply unsettling influences to keep the heap voltage adjusted and consistent at the ostensible esteem. In this manner the proposed DVR can alleviate different dimensions of voltage hang and distinctive sorts of shortcomings. Reenactment results in MATLAB/SIMULINK demonstrate that the control conspire gives a precise following of the voltage reference and a quick transient reaction. Both the controllers shows great execution and limit the THD level. It is discovered that FLC gives better execution with THD of 0.42% where as PI gives 0.46% THD. The expansion in KVA rating of infusion transformer and DC stockpiling esteem successfully repays the voltage droop and diminish the THD level. Be that as it may, higher estimation of DC stockpiling and transformer rating makes it increasingly costly. The adequacy of a DVR framework basically relies on the rating of DC stockpiling limit, infusion transformer rating and the heap. From the recreation, it obviously demonstrates the significance of these components and how it influences the execution of DVR is dissected.

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