Performance Analysis of DVR, DSTATCOM and UPQC For Improving The Power Quality With Various Control Strategies


Here, we have examined the voltage quality enhancement techniques by utilizing Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR), Distribution Static Synchronous Compensator (D-STATCOM) and Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) utilizing two distinctive controller Strategies. The controllers utilized are Proportional Integral Controller (PIC) and Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC). A PI Controller computes a mistake an incentive as the distinction between a deliberate variable and wanted set point. The fluffy rationale controller has continuous sources of info estimated at each example time, named mistake and blunder rate and one yield named activating sign for each stage. The information signals are fuzzified and spoken to in fluffy set documentations as capacities. The characterized ‘If … At that point .. .’ rules deliver yield impelling signs and these signs are defuzzified to simple control signals for contrasting with a transporter motion with control PWM inverter.



Fig 1. The equivalent circuit diagram of DVR


Fig 2. The equivalent circuit diagram of DST A TCOM

Fig 3.The circuit diagram of UPQC



Fig 4. Input voltage and input current waveform without compensation


Fig 5. Load voltage and load current waveform without compensation

Fig 6. load voltage and load current waveform after compensation(DVR)

Fig 7. Output load voltage without compensation

Fig 8. Output load voltage with compensation using FLC

Fig 9.load voltage and load current waveform after compensation (D-STATCOM)

Fig 10. Load voltage and load current waveform after compensation (D-STATCOM)

Fig 11. Load voltage and load current waveform for UPQC with PI Controller.

Fig 12 Load voltage and load current waveform with compensation


In this paper, we have considered the arrangement, shunt and arrangement shunt compensators. Execution examination has been finished by looking at the power quality utilizing each compensator. The execution of DVR has been dissected with PI controller the heap voltage amid blame is practically equivalent to the ideal load voltage. Load current greatness is practically equivalent yet at the same time there are a few awkward nature between the stages for a little span of time. DVR have been found to manage voltage under Fuzzy Logic controller. Unmistakably DVR diminishes sounds from load voltage successfully and makes it smooth. Henceforth, it is reasoned that DVR has a tremendous extension in enhancing power quality in appropriation frameworks. DSTATCOM is demonstrated to repay voltage levels under defective conditions. Utilizing PI controller, sounds have been diminished extensively. Be that as it may, current got lopsided for the whole span of time. By utilizing the Fuzzy Logic Controller rather than the PI Controller gives better transient reaction. The DC Link voltage is all of a sudden expanded over the reference esteem. Also, it is taken back to its reference esteem. A decent voltage control is likewise accomplished by actualizing Fuzzy rationale control. Additionally the enduring state is achieved quicker. The control techniques of UPQC were portrayed and contrasted with deference with its execution through reenactment. The power quality issues are nearly decreased. The shut circle control plans of current control, for the proposed UPQC have been examined. Absolute consonant mutilation was broke down and it depicts that the UPQC with fluffy controller gives more effectiveness than alternate procedures.

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