Optimization techniques to enhance the performance of induction motor drives: A review


Induction motor (IM) drives, specifically the three-phase IMs, are a nonlinear system that are difficult to explain theoretically because of their sudden changes in load or speed conditions. Thus, an advanced controller is needed to enhance IM performance. Among numerous control techniques, fuzzy logic controller (FLC) has increasing popularity in designing complex IM control system due to their simplicity and adaptability. However, the performance of FLCs depends on rules and membership functions (MFs), which are determined by a trial and- error procedure. The main objective of this paper is to present a critical review on the control and optimization techniques for solving the problems and enhancing the performance of IM drives. A detailed study on the control of variable speed drive, such as scalar and vector, is investigated. The scalar control functions of speed and V/f control are explained in an open- and closed-loop IM drive. The operation, advantages, and limitations of the direct and indirect field-oriented controls of vector control are also demonstrated in controlling the IM drive. A comprehensive review of the different types of optimization techniques for IM drive applications is highlighted. The rigorous review indicates that existing optimization algorithms in conventional controller and FLC can be used for IM drive. However, some problems still exist in achieving the best MF and suitable parameters for IM drive control. The objective of this review also highlights several factors, challenges, and problems of the conventional controller and FLC of the IM drive. Accordingly, the review provides some suggestions on the optimized control for the research and development of future IM drives. All the highlighted insights and recommendations of this review will hopefully lead to increasing efforts toward the development of advanced IM drive controllers for future applications.

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