A Novel Dynamic Voltage Restorer with Outage Handling Capability Using Fuzzy Logic Controller


This paper exhibits a novel dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) equipped for taking care of profound hangs including blackout on a low voltage circulation framework. The DVR recoups droops up to 10% of ostensible voltage; else, it will work as a uninterruptible power supply (UPS). A transformer is associated in arrangement with the heap while reestablishing lists, and is reconfigured into parallel association utilizing switches when dealing with blackouts. The controller utilizes a Fuzzy Logic with 3 contributions to keep up the heap voltage through d-q change. Primer outcomes from research facility tests are additionally displayed in this paper.



Fig. 1. Block diagram of the proposed DVR



(a) Grid Voltage

(b) Load Voltage

(c) Inverter Voltage

Figure 2. The grid, load and inverter voltages under 3-phase fault

Figure 3. Grid and load voltages during 1-phase to ground fault



A novel dynamic voltage restorer utilizing Fuzzy Logic controller was shown to cure lists and blackout voltages. Stage bounces and lopsided conditions because of single stage to-ground blame can likewise be remunerated by the DVR. In case of blackout, where the voltage dips under 10%, the DVR reestablish the voltage into the typical. In this way, the heap voltage is unaffected by the unsettling influences including lists and blackouts.

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