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Multilevel Converters and Multilevel Invert-er s projects list

Of late the “multilevel converter” has gained great interest in the electric power industry. The common configuration of the multilevel converter is to manufacture a sinusoidal voltage from numerous levels of voltages. Usually gained from capacitor voltage sources, so-called “multilevel” starts from three levels. A three level converter, also named “neutral-clamped” converter, comprises two capacitor voltages in series and neutral center tap. The converter’s each phase leg has two pairs of switching devices in series. And the center is clamped to the neutral using clamping diodes. The resultant waveform is a quasi-square wave output.

Multilevel converters and multilevel Invert-er s…….

Multilevel voltage source converters are rising as a new kind of power converter options for high-power applications. These converters typically produce the voltage wave from different dc capacitor voltages’ levels. The voltage unbalance at various levels is one of the main limitations of the multilevel converters. The methods to make the voltage balancing between various levels usually include voltage clamping or capacitor charge control. There are different ways of implementing voltage balance in these converters. The three recently developed multilevel voltage source converters:

1) diode-clamp,

2) flying capacitors, and

3) cascaded-Invert-er s with separate dc sources.


Multilevel Converters and Multilevel Invert-er s projects

multilevel converters

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