Multiconverter Unified Power Quality Conditioning System Using Artificial Neural Network Technique


This paper displays another bound together power-quality molding framework (MC-UPQC), fit for synchronous pay for voltage and current in multibus/multifeeder frameworks. In this arrangement, one shunt voltage-source converter (shunt VSC) and at least two arrangement VSCs exist. The framework can be connected to neighboring feeders to adjust for supply-voltage and load current defects on the principle feeder and full pay of supply voltage blemishes on alternate feeders. In the proposed setup, all converters are associated consecutive on the dc side and offer a typical dc-connect capacitor. In this way, power can be exchanged from one feeder to neighboring feeders to adjust for droop/swell and intrusion. The execution of the MC-UPQC just as the received control calculation is outlined by recreation. The present work contemplate the pay standard and diverse control systems utilized here depend on PI and ANN Controller of the MC-UPQC in detail. The outcomes got in MATLAB/PSCAD on a two-transport/two-feeder framework demonstrate the viability of the proposed arrangement.



Fig.1.Block diagram of MC_UPQC with STATCOM



Fig2. BUS1 voltage,series compensating voltage, and load voltage in feeder1

Fig3.BUS2 voltage,series compensating voltage, and load voltage in feeder2

Fig 4.nonlinear load current,compensating current,feeder1 current and capacitor voltage

Fig 5.Bus1 loadcurrent,Bus2 load current,Bus1 load voltage,Bus2 load voltage wave forms using ANN controller in Mc- UPQC

Fig 6. Three phase source voltage(Va,Vb,Vc) wave form

Fig.7. load current with ANN controller

Fig.8 Load Voltage with ANN Controller


The present topology shows the activity and control of Multi Converter Unified Power Quality Conditioner (MCUPQC). The framework is reached out by including an arrangement VSC in a neighboring feeder. A reasonable numerical have been portrayed which builds up the way that in both the cases the pay is done yet the reaction of ANN controller is quicker and the THD is least for the both the voltage and current in delicate/basic load. The gadget is associated between at least two feeders originating from various substations. A non-straight/touchy load L-1 is provided by Feeder-1 while a delicate/basic load L-2 is provided through Feeder-2. The execution of the MC-UPQC has been assessed under different unsettling influence conditions, for example, voltage list/swell in either feeder, blame and load change in one of the feeders. If there should arise an occurrence of voltage list, the stage point of the transport voltage in which the shunt VSC (VSC2) is associated assumes an essential job as it gives the proportion of the genuine power required by the heap. The MC-UPQC can moderate voltage list in Feeder-1 and in Feeder-2 for long length.

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