1. AT18-01 An Improved Current-Limiting Strategy for Shunt Active Power Filter (SAPF) Using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO): 

    The current-limiting strategy for shunt active power filter (SAPF) will be activated automatically, when the compensation-capacity need exceeds the rated capacity.

  2. AT18-02 Transformerless Z-Source Four-Leg PV Inverter with Leakage Current Reduction:

    Due to the lack of electrical isolation, the leakage current is one of the most important issues for transformerless PV systems. In this paper, a new modulation strategy is proposed to reduce the leakage current for Z-Source four-leg transformerless PV inverter. 

  3. AT18-03 Ensuring Power Quality and Stability in Industrial and Medium Voltage Public Grids:

    Until recently, most of the power system equipment in industrial grids has been operating with deviations from the nominal voltage and frequency supplied by the utility.

  4.  AT18-04 A BL-CSC Converter Fed BLDC Motor Drive with Power Factor Correction:

    This paper presents a power factor correction (PFC) based bridgeless-canonical switching cell (BL-CSC) converter fed brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive. The proposed BL-CSC converter operating in a discontinuous inductor current mode is used to achieve a unity power factor at the AC mains using a single voltage sensor.

  5. AT18-05 Dual-Buck AC–AC Converter with Inverting and Non-Inverting Operations:

    A buck-boost ac-ac converter with inverting and non-inverting operations is proposed. It compensates both the voltage sag and swell when used as a dynamic voltage restorer. Its basic switching cell is a unidirectional buck circuit, owing to which it has no shoot-through concerns.

  6. AT18-06 Self-tuned fuzzy-proportional–integral compensated zero / minimum active power algorithm based dynamic voltage restorer:

    Voltage sag is the most common and severe power quality problem in the recent times due to its detrimental effects on modern sensitive equipment. Generally, direct-on-line starting of the three-phase induction motor (IM) and various kinds of short circuit fault are directly responsible for this event.

  7. AT18-07 A Voltage Modulated DPC Approach for Three-Phase PWM Rectifier:

    In this paper, a voltage modulated direct power control for three-phase pulse-width modulated rectifier is proposed. With the suggested method, the differential equations describing the rectifier dynamics are changing from a linear time-varying system into a linear time-invariant one.

  8. AT18-08 An Improved Torque and Current Pulsation Suppression Method for Railway Traction Drives Under Fluctuating DC-Link Voltage:

     For railway traction drives, the active front end usually adopts a single-phase rectifier. However, the dc-link voltage of this single-phase rectifier contains a second-order fluctuating component due to the fluctuation of the instantaneous power at both the ac and dc sides

  9. AT18-09 Control of a Three-Phase Hybrid Converter for a PV Charging station :

    Hybrid boost converter (HBC) has been proposed to replace a dc/dc boost converter and a dc/ac converter to reduce conversion stages and switching loss. In this paper, control of a three-phase HBC in a PV charging station is designed and tested.

    10. AT18-10 Electric Spring for Voltage and Power Stability and Power Factor Correction :

For more Electric Spring (ES), a new smart grid technology, has earlier been used for providing voltage and power stability in a weakly regulated/stand-alone renewable energy source powered grid. It has been proposed as a demand side management technique to provide voltage and power regulation.

11. AT18-11 Performance Recovery of Voltage Source Converters

with Application to Grid-connected Fuel Cell DGs

Most common types of distributed generation (DG) systems utilize power electronic interfaces and, in particular,  three-phase voltage source converters (VSCs) which are mainly  used to regulate active and reactive power delivered to the grid. The main drawbacks of VSCs originate from their nonlinearities, control strategies, and lack of robustness against uncertainties.

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