Modeling and Simulation of Hybrid Wind Solar Energy System using MPPT


The main objective of this paper is to enhance the power transfer capability of grid interfaced hybrid generation system. Generally, this hybrid system is a combination of solar and wind energy systems. In order to get maximum and constant output power from these renewable energy systems at any instant of time, this paper proposes the concept of maximum power tracking techniques. The main concept of this maximum power point tracking controller is used for controlling the Direct Current (DC) to DC boost converter. Finally, the performance of this Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) based Hybrid system is observed by simulating using Matlab/Simulink.

KEYWORDS: MPPT Technique, Solar Energy System, Wind Turbine System




Figure 1. Configuration of Hybrid Energy System.



Figure 2. Simulation Diagram for Hybrid Wind-PV System.


Figure 3. Output Load Voltage.


Figure 4. Output Load Current.


Figure 5. Powers: Line, Wind, Solar.


Figure 6. Output Voltage from Wind System.


Figure 7. Output Voltage from Wind System.


Output from solar and a wind system is converted into AC power output by using inverter. In the given time additional load of 5 KW is connected by using Circuit Breaker. Under all operating conditions to meet the load the hybrid system is controlled to give maximum output power. Battery is supporting to wind or solar system to meet the load and Also, simultaneous operation for the same load.


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