Model and system simulation of Brushless DC motor based on SVPWM control Wind Energy Projects



According to the disadvantages as large torque ripple of square wave drive brushless DC motor control system, this paper adopted the sine wave drive the permanent magnet brushless DC motor control system based on the space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) control method. The simulation model of space vector pulse width modulation control method of the rotated speed of brushless DC motor and current double closed-loop control system is simulated and analyzed in MATLAB/SIMULINK. The simulation results have verified the reasonability and validity of the simulation model.


  1. Brushless DC motor
  2. Modeling and simulation
  3. Space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM)



Figure 1 The overall system block diagram of BLDCM control system




Figure 2 Speed information

Figure 3 Torque waveform


Figure 4 The motor stator three-phase current waveform

Figure 5 Phase A current use PWM and SVPWM control



In this paper, the SVPWM control of BLDCM simulation model is established based on the MATLAB/SIMULINK, and used the classic speed, current double closed-loop PI control algorithm. From the output waveform, it can be seen the system corresponding speed fast, quickly achieve steady state. Plus load torque at t=0.1s, the speed happen fell but return to equilibrium state at soon. Three phase stator current waveform as nearly as sine wave. The simulation results show that the SVPWM control of BLDCM has good static and dynamic characteristics.


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