Mitigation of Voltage Sag For Power Quality Improvement Using DPFC System Major Electrical Projects


A new control scheme to improve and maintain the power quality of an electrical power system by design of distributed power flow controller. Generally, In case of modern power utilities have problems like challenges in growth of electricity in case of non-linear loads in grid connected systems. In this paper, we introduced a new FACTS method i.e. distributed power flow controller which is similar to other series-shunt controller types. This DPFC method is also used like UPFC to mitigate voltage sag and swell as a power quality issue. In DPFC, we eliminate the common dc link capacitor and instead of single three phase series converter it has three individual single phase converters. In this paper the control circuit is designed by using series referral voltages, branch currents. The evaluated values are obtained by using MATLAB/SIMULINK.


  1. DPFC
  2. Voltage Sag and Swell
  3. Power Quality



Fig 1: Basic Configuration of DPFC


Fig 2: Simulation results for voltage sag condition

Fig 3: Simulation results for mitigation of Voltage sag with DPFC system


Fig 4: Simulation results for current swell condition

Fig 5: Simulation results for mitigation of current swell with DPFC system

Fig 6: simulation results for active and reactive powers


In this paper we implemented a new concept for controlling power quality problems by Distributed Power Flow Controller device. The proposed concept of the DPFC approach is mathematically formulated and analyzed for voltage dips and their mitigations for a three phase source with linear load. The experimental results of DPFC shows the effectiveness of DPFC in power quality enhancement as compared to all other FACTS devices.


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