Maximum power extraction from wind energy system based on fuzzy logic Control


This paper proposes a variable speed control scheme for grid-connected wind energy conversion system (WECS) using permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG). The control algorithm tracks the maximum power for wind speeds below rated speed of wind turbines and ensures the power will not go over the rated power for wind speeds over the rated value. The control algorithm employs fuzzy logic controller (FLC) to effectively do this target. The wind turbine is connected to the grid via back-to-back PWM-VSC. Two effective computer simulation packages (PSIM and Simulink) are used to carry out the simulation effectively. The control system has two controllers for generator side and grid side converters. The main function of the generator side controller is to track the maximum power through controlling the rotational speed of the wind turbine using FLC. In the grid side converter, active and reactive power control has been achieved by controlling q-axis and d-axis current components, respectively. The d-axis current is set at zero for unity power factor and the q-axis current is controlled to deliver the power flowing from the dc-link to the electric utility grid.

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