IEEE Latest Electrical Projects for MTech-2017

The table lists the latest Electrical Projects

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Electric power systems consists of components that generate electrical energy and transfer this power to consumers. There are six main components in modern electric power system:

1) power plants generating electric power. 2) transformers varying the voltages as required. 3) transmission lines carry energy. 4) substations at which the step down of voltage occurs for transmitting power through the distribution lines. 5) distribution lines. and 6) distribution transformers lowering the voltage to the level required for the consumer equipment. The generation and transmission of electricity is relatively effective and reasonable and thus must be generated based on the demand.

An electric power system is a group of electrical components utilized to generate, transfer, and use electrical energy. Grid is an example of electric power systems. An electrical grid power system is divided into the generators that involve in supply of power. the transmission system that carries the power from the generating centers to the load centers. and the distribution system that gives the power to the homes and industries that are nearby. We can also find Smaller power systems in industry, homes, hospitals, and commercial buildings.

Electric power is the product the current and the voltage. These two quantities can differ with respect to time (AC power) or can be kept at constant levels (DC power).

IEEE Latest Electrical Projects

IEEE Latest Electrical projects

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