An Intelligent Speed Controller for Indirect Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drive Readymade Electrical Projects



This paper presents the speed control scheme of indirect vector controlled induction motor (IM) drive. PWM controlling scheme is based on Voltage source inverter type space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) and the Conventional-PI controller or Fuzzy-PI controller is employed in closed loop speed control. Decoupling of the stator current into torque and flux producing (d-q) current components model of an induction motor is involved in the indirect vector control. The torque component Iq current of an IM is developed by an intelligent based Fuzzy PI controller. Based on settling time and dynamic response the performance of Fuzzy Logic Controller is compared with that of the PI Controller to sudden load changes. It’s provides better control of motor torque with high dynamic performance. The simulated design is tested using various tool boxes in MATLAB. Simulation results of both the controllers are presented for comparison.


  1. Indirect Vector Control (IVC)
  2. Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM)
  3. PI Controller
  4. Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC)




Fig.1 Block diagram of a proposed scheme


Fig.2 Starting response

Fig.3 Step response

Fig.4 Speed response for with and without load impact

Fig.5 Torque response for with and without load impact


In this paper the concept of fuzzy logic has been presented and the SVM based indirect vector controlled induction motor drive is simulated using both PI and Fuzzy PI controller. The results of both controllers under the dynamics conditions are compared and analyzed. The simulation result support that the FLC settles quickly and has better performance than when PI controller.


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