Intelligent Energy Control Center for Distributed Generators Using Multi-Agent System


This paper presents the modeling of intelligent energy control center (ECC) controlling distributed generators (DGs) using multi- agent system. Multi-agent system has been proposed to provide intelligent energy control and management in grids because of their benefits of extensibility, autonomy, reduced maintenance, etc. The multi -agent system constituting the smart grid and agents such as user agent, control agent, database agent, distributed energy resources (DER) agent work in collaboration to perform assigned tasks. The wind power generator connected with local load, the solar power connected with local load and the ECC controlled by fuzzy logic controller (FLC) are simulated in MATLAB/SIMULINK. The DER model is created in client and ECC is created in server. Communication between the server and the client is established using transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP). The results indicate that the controlling of DER agent can be achieved both from server and client.


  1. Distributed energy resources (DER) and trans-mission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP)
  2. Distributed generators (DGs)
  3. Energy control center (ECC)
  4. Fuzzy logic controller (FLC)



Fig. 1. Block diagram of ECC.


Fig. 2. Voltage waveform of wind and solar power – circuit breaker (CB-1) closed after 0.1 s and circuit breaker (CB-2) closed after 0.3 s to interconnect solar power to wind.

Fig. 3. Voltage waveform of wind and solar power circuit breaker (CB-1) closed after 0.1 s and circuit breaker (CB-2) closed after 0.3 s to interconnect solar power to wind observed up to 0.6 s.

Fig. 4. Three-phase voltage waveform of the power system.

Fig. 5. Three-phase current waveform of the power system.

Fig. 6. System frequency waveform of the power system.


The simulation model of ECC, controlling the solar power generation and wind power generation interconnected with grid using multi-agent system is described in this paper. The voltage of wind and solar power are stored in a excel sheet as a database agent. Intelligent controller the switch provided in the solar panel to add/remove depending upon the voltage requirements. This excel sheet acting as a monitoring tool to access the simulation results, provides the visualization of the grid. The results prove that the multi-agent component controls the Distributed Energy Resources.


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