Integration of PV, Battery and Super capacitor in islanded Microgrid


Nowadays battery is used to stabilize the DC bus voltage but battery has low power density and high energy density. Whereas the supercapacitor has high power density but low energy density. So, for high energy and power density the integration of battery and supercapacitor is more efficient. It is more challenging to integrate the different sources. So it is required a control strategy to integrate the battery and supercapacitor and provide continuous power to the load. It has also shown that the battery and supercapacitor charged in access mode of power and discharged in deficit mode of power. In this paper proposed a new approach to control the power and dc bus voltage.


  1. Battery
  2. MPPT Controller
  3. Photo Voltaic Cell
  4. Super capacitor



Fig.1. Hybrid system model of PV, Battery and Super capacitor


Fig.2. DC Bus voltages across two terminals using conventional controller

Fig.3. DC Bus voltages across two terminals using proposed controller

Fig.4. Power consumed by the load using conventional controller

Fig.5. Power consumed by the load using proposed controller

Fig.6. Power sharing between different sources using conventional Controller

Fig.7. Power sharing between different sources using proposed controller

Fig.8. SOC of Battery

Fig.9. Battery Voltage

Fig.10. Battery Current

Fig.11. SOC of Super capacitor

Fig.12. Voltage of Super capacitor

Fig.13. Current of Super capacitor


In this paper proposed controller is used for proper sharing of power between different energy sources. Here LPF is used to differentiate between the average power supplied by battery and transient power supplied by super capacitor. Now, new scheme of converter is able to deal with fluctuation of voltage. The constant power and constant voltage across load were observed.


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