Indirect field-oriented control of induction motor drive based on adaptive fuzzy logic controller


Recently, Asynchronous Motors are extensively used as workhorse in a multitude of industrial and high performance applications. Induction Motors (IM) have wide applications in today’s industry because of their robustness and low maintenance. A smart and fast speed control system, however, is in most cases a prerequisite for most applications. This work presents a smart control system for IM using an Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Controller (AFLC) based on the Levenberg–Marquardt algorithm. A synchronously rotating reference frame is used to model IM. To achieve maximum efficiency and torque of the IM, speed control was found to be one of the most challenging issues. Indirect Field-Oriented Control (IFOC) or Indirect Vector Control techniques with robust AFLC offer remarkable speed control with high dynamic response. Computer simulation results using MATLAB/Simulink® Toolbox are described and examined in this study for conventional PI and AFLC. AFLC presents robustness as regards overshoot, undershoot, rise time, fall time, and transient oscillation for speed  variation of IFOC IM drive in comparison with classical PI. Moreover, load disturbance rejection capability for the designed control scheme is also verified with the AFL controller.

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