Implementation of Solar Photovoltaic System with Universal Active Filtering Capability


In this work, a novel technique based on second order sequence filter and proportional resonant controller is proposed for control of universal active power filter integrated with PV array (UAPF-PV). Using a second order sequence filter and sampling it at zero crossing instant of the load voltage, the active component of distorted load current is estimated, which is used to generate reference signal for shunt active filter. The proposed method has good accuracy in extracting fundamental active component of distorted and unbalanced load currents with reduced mathematical computations. Along with power quality improvement, the system also generates clean energy through the PV array system integrated to its DC-link. The UAPF-PV integrates benefits of power quality improvement and distributed generation. The system performance is experimentally evaluated on a prototype in the laboratory under a variety of disturbance conditions such as PCC voltage fall/rise, load unbalancing and variation in solar irradiation.

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