Implementation of Hysteresis Current Control for Single-Phase Grid Connected Inverter BTech EEE Academic projects


This paper describes a control method for single phase grid-connected inverter system for distributed generation application. Single-band Hysteresis Current Controller is applied as the control method. The control algorithm is implemented in Digital Signal Processor (DSP) TMS320F2812. The control method provides robust current regulation and achieve unity power factor. Simulation and experimental results are provided to demonstrate the effectiveness of the design.


  1. Single-Phase Grid Connected Inverter
  2. Hysteresis Current Control and TMS320F2812




Fig.1 Proposed hystresis current control for single-phase grid connected inverter



Fig. 2 Error signal and hysteresis band


Fig.3. Switching pattern of hysteresis current control


Fig.4 Inverter output voltage before inductor


Fig. 5 Simulation result Grid voltage and Grid current


Fig. 6 Simulation result Grid voltage and Grid current at unity power factor


This paper presents a single-band hysteresis current control for single-phase grid connected inverter. The effectiveness of the control scheme has been verified both by simulation and experimentally. The current produced by this inverter is in phase with grid voltage and also achieve unity power factor. This method is robust and effective than conventional reference signal generation by the controller and matching it with the grid voltage at later stage. This method also reduces the number of components such as Phase Lock Loop (PLL) circuits and cost significantly.


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