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FACTS full form is “Flexible AC Transmission Systems” it refers to a collection of resources utilized to defeat certain restrictions in the static and dynamic transmission capability of electrical networks. According to IEEE, FACTS is defined as ac transmission systems that incorporates power-electronics and further static controllers to improve control ability and power transmission ability. The key purpose of these systems is to supply the inductive or capacitive reactive power to the network very quickly, without compromising with the quality and efficiency of the energy transmission.

  • FACTS Features

    • speedy regulation of voltage,
    • enlarged power transmission over extended AC lines,
    • active power oscillations damping, and
    • control of load flow in meshed systems,

Thus significantly civilizing the steadiness and the performance of existing/future transmission systems. That is, with FACTS, power companies can utilize their traditional transmission networks in a better way. Considerably increase the accessibility and trustworthiness of their line networks. And advance both dynamic and transitory network permanence while ensuring a recovered quality of supply.

Reactive Power Compensation in Power Transmission System

Consumer load needs reactive power that changes in continuous manner. And maximizes transmission losses whilst disturbing voltage in the transmission system. To prevent inappropriately high voltage fluctuations or power failures that may result, this reactive power, must be compensated and kept in balance. The passive elements like reactors or capacitors, and combinations of both that supply inductive or capacitive reactive power, can execute this function. The faster compensation of reactive power can control the transmission characteristics more effectively. For this reason, fast thyristor-switched and thyristor controlled components are replacing almost these slow mechanical switched components. Owner failures that can result, this reactive power must be compensated and kept in balance.


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