Projects based on Hybrid Power Systems

Hybrid Power System Projects List

Hybrid power are combinations between different technologies to produce power. In power engineering, the term ‘hybrid’ describes a combined power and energy storage system. It does not mean a “method,” such as the popular use of hybrid to mean a hybrid electric vehicle like the Toyota Prius. Although the drive train in the Toyota Prius can accurately be described as a hybrid power system.

Hybrid power system have the following advantages:

  • The systems are complementary. During the summer months when there’s not much wind there should be ample sunlight and during the dark winter months it is usually quite windy.
  • Two different energy sources provide a diversity of supply, reducing the risk of power outages.
  • High cost ancillary equipment such as the battery and the inverter required for a single system must be specified to carry the full system load. A second system can thus be added without increasing its capacity or adding cost for more of these components.
  • Because of the supply diversity, the capacity of the battery can most likely be reduced.
  • The required generating capacity of the basic solar and wind energy conversion units can be reduced since the total load is shared.

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