Projects based on Hybrid Energy System

Hybrid energy system projects list

A hybrid energy system, formed by combining multiple energy storage devices (e.g., battery, ultracapacitor, flywheel, fuel cell, etc.) and generators (e.g., micro-turbine, wind turbine, PV panel, etc.), has proved to be a feasible solution to meet the energy/power requirements with improved flexibility, reliability and cost efficiency. Since the system configuration and behavior of the hybrid system are becoming more complex, the optimized management and control of a hybrid energy system is still a challenging task. To achieve the optimal solution to this energy management problem, it is especially important to represent and take advantage of the characteristics of each component and the interactive relationship among them. Compared to centralized control approaches, modeling and control of the components as independent but related agents fully respect the performance and requirements of various individual components. This agent-based approach can improve the synergy, and thus, the flexibility, scalability, fault-tolerance and reliability of the hybrid energy systems, and also can reduce required computational efforts.

Hybrid Energy System Projects

Hybrid Energy System Projects

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