A Novel High Step Up DC DC Converter Based on Integrating Coupled Inductor and Switched-Capacitor Techniques for Renewable Energy Applications


In this paper, a novel high growth up dc/dc converter is shown for arguable power source use. The planned structure include a connect inductor and two voltage multiplier cells, in order to get high growth up voltage gain.


Coupled Inductor Likewise, two capacitors are charged in the middle of the kill time structure, using the essentiality set away in the coupled inductor which manufactures the voltage trade gain. The essentiality set away in the spillage inductance is reused with the use of a in fasten circuit. The voltage load on the basic power switch is moreover reduce in the planned topology.


so, a key power switch with low support RDS(ON) can be used to reduce the conduction fact. The action rule and the serious state examinations are consider inside and out. To check the execution of the showed converter, a 300-W lab display circuit is completed. The results confirm the logical  examinations and the chance of the showed high growth up converter.



Fig. 1. Circuit configuration of the presented high-step-up converter.


 image018 image019 image020 image021 image022 image023 image024

Fig. 2. Simulation results under load 300 W.


This paper display another high-progress up dc/dc converter for arguable power source use. The submitted converter is proper for DG systems helpless on useful power sources, which require high-first up voltage trade gain.


Coupled Inductor The essence set away in the spillage inductance is reused to  improve the execution of the display converter. In addition, voltage load on the main power switch is reduce. In like manner, a switch with a low on-state limit can be select.


The continuing state task of the converter has been sever in detail. Moreover, the limit condition has been get. Finally, a hardware show is performed which changes over the 40-V input voltage into 400-V produce voltage. The results show the chance of the presented converter.

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