A High Step-Up DC to DC Converter Under Alternating Phase Shift Control for Fuel Cell Power System


This paper researches a novel pulse width modulation (PWM) conspire for two-stage interleaved support converter with voltage multiplier for energy component control framework by consolidating substituting stage move (APS) control and conventional interleaving PWM control. The APS control is utilized to lessen the voltage weight on switches in light load High Step-Up DC.


High Step-Up DC while the customary interleaving control is utilized to keep better execution in substantial load. The limit condition for swapping among APS and conventional interleaving PWM control is inferred. In light of the previously mentioned examination, a full power run control joining APS and conventional interleaving control is proposed. Misfortune breakdown examination is likewise given to investigate the productivity of the converter. High Step-Up DC At long last, it is confirmed by test results.



Fig. 1. Grid-connected power system based on fuel cell.


Fig. 2. Main theoretical waveforms at boundary condition.


 image003image004 image005 image006Fig.3 Experimental results at boundary condition with traditional interleaving control (L = 1158 μH, R = 2023 Ω, and D = 0.448). (a) CH1-S1 Driver Voltage, CH2 L1 Current, CH3-S1 Voltage Stress, CH4-Output Voltage, (b) CH1-S1 Driver Voltage, CH2 C1 Current, CH3-S1 Voltage Stress, CH4-OutputVoltage, (c) CH1-S1 DriverVoltage,CH2 D1 Current,CH3-S1 Voltage Stress, CH4-Output Voltage, (d) CH1-S1 Driver Voltage, CH2 DM1 Current, CH3-S1 Voltage Stress, CH4-Output Voltage.


Fig. 4. Traditional interleaving control at nominal load (L = 1158 μH and R = 478 Ω).]


Fig. 5. Traditional interleaving control in Zone A (L = 1158 μH and R = 1658 Ω).


The limit condition is determined after stage investigation in this paper. High Step-Up DC The limit condition arranges the working states into two zones, i.e., Zone An and Zone B. The conventional interleaving control is utilized in Zone A while APS control is utilized in Zone B.


High Step-Up DC What’s more, the swapping capacity is accomplished by a rationale unit. With the proposed control plot, the converter can accomplish low voltage weight on switches in all power scope of the heap, which is confirmed by exploratory outcomes.

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