High-Efficiency MOSFET Transformerless Inverter for Non-isolated Microinverter Applications


Best in class low-control level metal– oxide– semiconductor field-affect transistor (MOSFET)- based transformerless photovoltaic (PV) inverters can achieve high capacity by using latest super union MOSFETs. In any case, these MOSFET-based inverter topologies encounter the suffering forcce of no less than one of these drawbacks:


MOSFET letdown danger from body diode pivot recovery, extended conduction event as a result of more devices, or low magnetics use. By part the conventional MOSFET based stage leg with a up to date inductor, this paper proposes a novel MOSFET-based stage leg plan to reduce these strain. In light of the proposed stage leg structure, a high viability single-arrange


MOSFET transformerless inverter is shown for the PV microinverter applications. The pulsewidth change (PWM) direction and circuit undertaking rule are then describe. The ordinary mode and differential-mode voltage show is then displayed and consider for circuit structure. basic outcomes of a 250Whardware model are look to show the advantages of the proposed transformerless inverter on non-isolated two-sort out PV microinverter application.



Fig. 1. Two-stage nonisolated PV microinverter.



Fig. 2. Proposed transformerless inverter topology with (a) separated magnetic and (b) integrated magnetics.



Fig. 3. Output voltage and current waveforms.


Fig. 4. PWM gate signals waveforms.


Fig. 5. Inverter splitting inductor current waveform.


Fig. 6. Waveforms of voltage between grid ground and DC ground (VEG ).


This paper proposes a MOSFET transformerless inverter with a novel MOSFET-based stage leg, which achieve:

1) high ability by apply super interchange MOSFETs and SiC diodes;

2) limited dangers from the MOSFET stage leg by part the MOSFET stage leg with up to date inductor and limiting the di/dt from MOSFET body diode switch recovery;

3) high magnetics use compare and past high ability MOSFET transformerless inverters in [21], [22], [25], which just have half magnetics use.


The proposed transformerless inverter has no dead-time necessity, basic PWM regulation for usage, and limited high-recurrence CM issue. A 250W hardware model has been planned, created, and tried in two-arrange non isolated micro inverter application.


basic outcomes display that the proposed MOSFET transformerless inverter produce 99.01% height effectiveness at full load condition and 98.8% CEC capacity and furthermore produce around 98% attractive use.

Because of the benefits of high strength, low CM voltage, and enhanced attractive use, the proposed topology is attractive for two-organize nonisolated PV microinverter applications and transformerless string inverter applications.

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