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Final year projects

Final year projects In this post, we are listing out some good Final Year EEE Projects ideas as many people are searching for this kind of post on internet for many days. So, here we have included various projects in different categories like  electrical,FACTs by SVC (flexible ac transmission) , solar, matlab,FACTs (flexible ac transmission) by TSR ,UPFC Unified Power Factor Control etc. I hope these eee projects for final year students would be more helpful for many engineering students in completing their B.Tech successfully.

final year projects

Nonlinear Control of Single-PhasePWM Rectifiers With InherentCurrent-Limiting Capability

Impact of SFCL on the Four Types of HVDC Circuit Breakers by Simulation

An Adaptive SPWM Technique for Cascaded Multilevel Converters with Time-Variant DC Sources

Model-Based Control for a Three-Phase ShuntActive Power Filter

Design of a multi-level inverter with reactive power control ability for connecting PV cells to the grid

DSTATCOM supported induction generator for improving power quality

Improved equal current approach for reference current generation in shunt applications underunbalanced and distorted source and load conditions

A Hybrid-STATCOM With Wide Compensation Range and Low DC-Link Voltage

Design of External Inductor for Improving Performance of Voltage-Controlled DSTATCOM

Full-Bridge Reactive Power Compensator With Minimized-Equipped Capacitor and Its Application to Static Var Compensator

A New Cascaded Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverter Based on Improved Series–Parallel Conversion With Less Number of Components

Efficient Implicit Model Predictive Control of Three Phase Inverter with an Output LC Filter

Single-stage Three-phase Differential-mode Buck-Boost Inverters with Continuous Input Current for PV Applications

Soft-start control strategy for the three phase grid-connected inverter with LCL filter

High-Gain Single-Stage Boosting Inverter For Photovoltaic Applications

Multilevel Inverter Topologies With Reduced Device Count: A Review

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