Design of a SRF Based MC UPQC Used for Load Voltage Control in Parallel Distribution Systems


This paper manages another plan dynamic model of synchronous-reference-outline (SRF)- based control in three stage framework under various load contemplations to enhance control quality by utilizing power conditioner with multi converters. The proposed MCUPQC framework can control the heap voltages/transport voltages on Parallel power appropriation frameworks under adjusted and contorted load conditions and acquire the state space demonstrate for MC-UPQC. The reenactment results to help the SRF-based control strategy displayed in this paper is finished utilizing Matlab/Simulink.



Fig.1.The single line diagram of conventional MC-UPQC



Fig. 2.a and b. the phase bus voltage, VS1 and load voltage VL1

Fig. 3.c and d. the phase bus voltage, VS2 and load voltage VL2

Fig.4.a & b. the phase Source Current, IS1 and Load CurrentIL1

Fig. 5 and 6 .a, b and c. The phase bus voltage, injected voltage and load Voltages

Fig. 7.a, b and c. The phase Source Currents (IS1), load Currents (IL1) and DC Capacitor Voltage(VDC).

Fig. 8.a, b, c, d, e and f. the phase bus voltage (VS1), load Voltages (VL1), load Voltages (VL2), the phase source currents (IS1), load Currents (IL1) and DC Capacitor Voltage (VDC).



In this paper the SRF Based control MC-UPQC for directs of load voltage and load current in adjoining parallel feeder has been proposed and contrasted with a customary MC-UPQC, the proposed control topology is able to do completely ensuring basic and touchy burdens against sudden evolving loads, voltage list/swells, and blame interference in two-feeder circulation frameworks. The execution of the SRF based MC-UPQC is tried under different unsettling influence conditions.

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