Design of Fuzzy Logic Based Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller for Solar Array for Cloudy Weather Conditions Matlab/Simulink Projects



This paper proposes Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) of a photovoltaic system under variable temperature and solar radiation conditions using Fuzzy Logic Algorithm. The cost of electricity from the PV array is more expensive than the electricity from the other non-renewable sources. So, it is necessary to operate the PV system at maximum efficiency by tracking its maximum power point at any weather conditions 111. Boost converter increases output voltage of the solar panel and converter output voltage depends upon the duty cycle of the MOSFET present in the boost converter. The change in the duty cycle is done by Fuzzy logic controller by sensing the power output of the solar panel. The proposed controller is aimed at adjusting the duty cycle of the DC-DC converter switch to track the maximum power of a solar cell array. MATLABI Simulink is used to develop and design the PV array system equipped with the proposed MPPT controller using fuzzy logic 12][31. The results show that the proposed controller is able to track the MPP in a shorter time with less fluctuation. The complete hardware setup with fuzzy logic controller is implemented and the results are observed and compared with the system without MPPT (Fuzzy logic controller).


  1. MPPT
  2. Fuzzy Logic Control
  3. DC-DC Converter,
  4. Photo voltaic systems.



Fig. 1. Block diagram of MPPT of PV array.


 Fig. 2. Power Vs output voltage

Fig. 3. Voltage Vs Current output of solar panel

Fig. 4. Output voltage of the solar panel without MPPT.

Fig. 5. Output of the solar panel with MPPT FLC under cloudy weather conditions.

Fig. 6. PWM output when driven by FLC


This paper presents an intelligent control method of tracking maximum power and Simulation and hardware result show that proposed MPPT controller increases the efficiency of the PV array energy conversion efficiency. Results are compared with the panel without MPPT controller.


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