Convertible Unified Power Quality Conditioner to mitigate voltage and current imperfections


This paper proposes a novel convertible unified power quality conditioner (CUPQC) by utilizing three voltage source converters (VSCs) which are associated with a multi-transport/multifeeder dissemination framework to relieve current and voltage blemishes. The control execution of the VSCs is described by at least six circuit open/close switches configurable in at least seventeen blends to empower the CUPQC to work as shunt and arrangement dynamic power channels (APFs), bound together power quality conditioner (UPQC), interline UPQC (IUPQC), multi-converter UPQC (MC-UPQC) and summed up UPQC (GUPQC). The recreation and remuneration execution investigation of CUPQC depend on PSCAD/EMTDC.


Fig.1 Schematic representation of proposed CUPQC


 Fig.2. Feeder1 (a) Load current (b) Source voltage


 Fig.3. Feeder1 (a) Compensation currents (b) Compensation voltages

Fig.4. Feeder1 (a) Source currents (b) Load voltages

Fig.5. Feeder1 THD spectrum (a) Currents (b) Voltages

Fig.6. Feeder3 source voltage

Fig.7. Feeder3 compensation voltage

Fig.8. Feeder3 load voltages

Fig.9. Feeder3 voltage THD before and after compensation

Fig.10. (a) Feeder1source voltage (b) Feeder2 source voltage (c) Feeder3 load current

Fig.11. (a) Feeder1 compensation voltages (b) Feeder2 compensation

voltages(c) Feeder3 compensation currents

Fig.12. (a) Feeder1 load voltages (b) Feeder2 load voltages (c) Feeder3 source Currents

Fig.13. THD before and after compensation (a) Feeder1 voltage (b) Feeder2 voltage (c) Feeder3 current

Fig.14. RMS voltage (a) Feeder1 (b) Feeder2


In this paper the execution of the proposed CUPQC in three methods of activity as UPQC, MC-UPQC and GUPQC on a multi-transport/multi-feeder dispersion framework is approved by reenactment results. The working methods of the novel power quality conditioner in 17 unique modes for remuneration of flows and voltage interferences are unmistakably clarified. As an expansion to this examination, the creators are chipping away at a model for portrayal and testing of the proposed CUPQC.

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