Control of Solar Photovoltaic Integrated Universal Active Filter Based on Discrete Adaptive Filter


In this work, a novel technique based on adaptive filtering is proposed for the control of three phase universal active power filter with a solar photovoltaic array integrated at its DC bus.  Two adaptive filters along with a zero crossing detection technique, are used to extract the magnitude of fundamental active component of distorted load currents, which is then used in estimation of reference signal for the shunt active filter. This technique enables extraction of active component of all three phases with reduced mathematical computation. The series active filter control is based on synchronous reference frame theory and it regulates load voltage and maintains it in-phase with voltage at point of common coupling under conditions of voltage sag and swell. The performance of the system is evaluated on an experimental prototype in the laboratory under various dynamic conditions such as sag and swell in voltage at point of common coupling, load unbalancing and change in solar irradiation intensity.

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