Control of Induction Motor Drive using Space Vector PWM


In this paper speed of acceptance engine is controlled, supply from three stage connect transformer because the variety in information Voltage or recurrence in turn both changes the speed of an taking in engine. Variable voltage and recurrence for Adjustable Speed Drives (AS D) is constantly acquires from a three-stage Voltage Source Invert er (V SI) also PWM strategies controls the Voltage and recurrence of transform er

So which is an imperative viewpoint in the use of AS D s. A number of P WM techniques are there to obtain variable voltage and frequency supply such as P WM, SP WM, S VP WM and among the various modulation strategies, SVPWM is one of the most efficient techniques as it has better performance and output voltage is similar to sinusoidal. SVPWM the modulation index in linear region will also be high when compared to other.


 Figure 1: AS D Block Diagram


 Figure 2: SPWM Pulses

Figure 3: Inverter o/p line voltages

Figure 4: Motor Speed and Electromagnetic torque.

Figure 5: SVPWM output gate pulses

                  Figure 6:Open Loop Drive Speed response with TL=0

Figure 7: Open Loop Drive Speed response with different TL

Figure 8: Sinusoidal PWM based open loop drive Load Current THD


MAT LAB/Simulink is used to carryout the simulation of “Control of Induction Motor Drive Using Space Vector PWM” for open loop as well as closed control by which the appropriate output results are obtained.The variation of speed of Induction Motor is observed by varying the load torque in open loop control and the table gives the results. Also observed that for the change in input speed commands the motor speed is settled down to its final value within 0.1 sec in closed loop model.


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