Control and operation of a solar PV-battery grid-tied system in fixed and variable power mode


In this work, a simple phase-locked loop – less control is presented for a single-stage solar photovoltaic (PV) – battery-grid-tied system. As compared to traditional solar PV systems, the system has reduced losses due to the absence of boost converter and a flexible power flow due to the inclusion of a storage source (battery). The synchronous reference frame theory is used to generate the pulses for switching the voltage-source converter (VSC), while maximum power is extracted from the solar PV array by using perturb and observe-based maximum power point tracking technique. The inherent feature of shunt active filtering by the VSC has also been incorporated in this system. Test results for the system operation under fixed power and variable power mode are studied on a prototype developed in the laboratory. During fixed power mode, a fixed amount of power is fed to the grid, whereas in variable power mode the power fed to the grid varies. Test results obtained are in accordance with the IEEE-519 standard. This work is a basis for the upcoming power market, where solar PV consumers can manage the generated electricity and maximise their profit by selling the power to the grid judiciously.

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