Compensation Of Voltage Sag And Harmonics By Dynamic Voltage Restorer Without Zero Sequence Blocking


Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) is a power electronic gadget to protection delicate stress from voltage hang. Regularly, delicate burdens are electronic-based gadgets which create music. This paper presents soft polar based DVR as voltage hang restorer and sounds compensator without zero succession blocking. Research exhibited in this paper utilizes d-q-0 pivot technique considering of the estimation of unbiased hub, in light of the fact that the strategy works great if the impartial hub esteem is zero. Result demonstrates that this strategy can repay voltage sag and harmonics with a pay blunder of 0.99%. Utilizing this technique, DVR may lessen voltage THD from 10.22% to 0.66%.



 Fig.1 Dynamic voltage restorer



 Fig. 2 Distorted voltages at bus C

Fig. 3 Voltage at bus C after DVR

Fig.4 70% sag at bus C caused by phase-phase-ground fault

Fig.5 70% sag at bus C (caused by phase-phase- ground fault) restored by DVR


The reproduction of a DVR utilizing MATLAB has been introduced. Recreation results demonstrate that DVR can reestablish both the voltage droop and voltage sounds. The proficiency and viability in voltage hang rebuilding and voltage sounds remuneration appeared by the DVR makes it an intriguing force quality gadget contrasted with other custom power gadgets. Under typical condition, DVR can diminish voltage THD from 10.22 % to 0.66%. What’s more, utilizing the proposed strategy, DVR can reestablish hilter kilter voltage droop without zero blocking transformer. The normal mistake of DVR voltage list remuneration is 0.99. voltage sag and harmonics.

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